Sunday, January 16, 2022
Where can I ship?
We ship internationally between Europe/United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, and many other destinations worldwode!

What can I ship?
You can ship just about anything, with the exception of prohibited items, some of which are listed below. Using our baggage services, you can ship small items such as boxes of books and clothes at discounted rates. We also have full removal services to ship bigger household items, including furniture and even cars.

Prohibited Items:
Vitamins, Medications, Cosmetics, Liquids, Flammable Items, Perishable Food, Drugs, Firearms, Pornography.

Can you help me pack?
Our crew is trained in packing and wrapping your goods in preparation for export shipping. If full packing is requested, we will provide top-notch export wrapping and packing supplies to ensure that your goods are protected in overseas transit.

Where can I get packing supplies?
If you choose to pack your items yourself, or if you go with pack-by-owner baggage services, there are many places where you can obtain boxes. For instance, you can purchase them at a local FedEx or Kinko's office. It is possible to obtain boxes for free from your local supermarket or department store. However, most boxes that you find there will be single-wall corrugated cartons, making them less durable. We suggest packing your shipment in high-quality export shipping boxes. You can also pack your goods in suitcases.


Do I pack the boxes myself?
For baggage services, yes. For full removal services, export wrapping of furniture and larger items is included in our services. If you'd like our moving crew to professionally export pack all of your goods, including boxes, we have several shipping options available that include full export packing services. When packing the boxes, be sure not to over- or under-stuff them. Stuff empty spaces with crumbled paper.

What are air baggage services?
Baggage services are the most cost-efficient method to quickly and securely ship small items such as boxes, luggage, and suitcases. Please note that furniture cannot be shipped by air. Also, shipping fragile and valuable items by air is strongly discouraged.

Baggage vs. Freight
Baggage shipment are more economical than freight and cannot exceed 130 inches in total length (L + 2[H] + 2[W] = no more than 130 inches). For example, if a box that is 30 in x 28 in x 29 in; 30 + 2[28] + 2[29] = 144 inches in total length and therefore would be classified as a freight shipment.

Is there a maximum weight per box?
For air baggage shipping, please make sure no box exceeds 70 lbs or as specified on your quote. For removal services, there is no maximum.

Is there a maximum volume per box?
For air baggage shipping, please make sure the length plus girth (L + 2W + 2H) does not exceed 130 inches or as specified on your quote. For removal services, there is no maximum.

How long will it take?
The transit time for air baggage shipments is 7 to 14 days if there are no customs delays. For sea shipments, the transit time is approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

Can I insure my shipment?
Absolutely. Though most shipments arrive damage-free, insurance will give you peace of mind that your shipment is protected against unforeseen circumstances.

How far in advance do I need to book?
For baggage services, please complete all paperwork and process the payment at least 2 business days prior to the requested pickup date. For removal services, please book as soon as you are ready to ship. We will need 1 - 2 weeks' notice, depending on your location.

Can I request my pickup for any day?
For baggage services, please choose any 3 hour window for pick Monday through Friday between 12 PM & 6 PM (12pm- 3pm, 3pm-6pm, etc.) at which point our driver will arrive at your residence to collect your goods. All you have to do is print the emailed labels and documents and hand them to the driver at the time of the pick up. The driver will provide special pouches for all necessary paperwork.
For removal services, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. However, pickup / delivery dates are subject to availability.

How do I get a quote?
Please request a quote online by filling out this form, or call us at (888) 608-8852.

How do I book?
We will email you the required paperwork and the simple procedure to complete your booking, and we'll take it from there!


What paperwork is required?
A. Shipping to USA: the following forms / documents are required by customs: CF-3299 (Declaration for free entry of Unaccompanied Articles), POA (Power of Attorney), SD-9 (Supplemental Declaration), Packing List, Copy of your Passport Photo Page, and Customs Clearance Authorization Letter.
B. Shipping to UK: the following forms / documents are required by customs: C3 UK Customs Forms, Packing List, Copy of your Passport Photo Page, and Customs Clearance Authorization Letter.
C. Shipping to the rest of the world: the following forms / documents are required by customs: Packing List, Copy of your Passport Photo Page, and Customs Clearance Authorization Letter.

Marking the packages (for air baggage services only)
Please make sure to write down your destination address on each package. For suitcases/duffle bags, write down the destination address on a piece of paper and place it on top, inside the bag, so that if the shipping label falls off your, address will be readily available.

Are there specific labels I should put on the boxes? (for air baggage services only)
We will prepare the required labels and email them to you prior to the pickup date.

Do I need to be present at the time of pickup?
You can assign someone to be there at the time of pickup instead of you if you are unable to be present.

Will I have a tracking number? (for air baggage services only)
Yes, you will be provided with a tracking number so that you can track your shipment online.

Will a signature be required upon delivery? (for air baggage services only)
This is an optional service that you can request in the “special instructions” section of the packing list.